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Hi everyone*, I'm Angela, an AfroRicciola who after years of straightening creams at the end of 2013 decided to give what nature had given her a chance and take care of her natural hair!

I immediately saw the experience as a small-big fight against the clichés that describe my hair as irremediably unmanageable and incapable of enhancing me as a woman.

Since 2014 I have been studying and working incessantly to help those with curly hair to educate themselves on the correct approach to their care and I share advice and experiences regarding my "natural regime" on my blog NaturAngi , I review the products I use, I publish home made recipes based on raw materials and provide consultancy .

In 2015 NaturAngi was awarded as BEST NAPPY INFO POINT at the Africa Italy Excellence Awards, the memory of that moment still excites me greatly.

In 2017 I published Love is in the Hair , the first guide in Italian on the care of afro and curly hair and after a short time I felt the need to create a reality complementary to Blog and Book , which was able to give a practical and material response to the many theoretical information I had provided up to that point.

So in November 2018 I launched NaturAngi Headwear , my line of Curly Hair Friendly accessories, handmade and made in Italy , designed and made in satin and other selected fabrics to give daily support in the care of afro and curly hair.

Exactly one year later it's the turn of CapRicci Beauty Roots , my first line of 100% natural cosmetics created to make your beauty routine a journey through the roots of beauty.

For the activity I carry out with NaturAngi, in February 2023 I was awarded as Leader of Change in ENTREPRENEURSHIP by the Jury of the first historic edition of the Black Carpet Awards .

The QueeNA Shop is the house I have always dreamed of building to welcome you and provide you with everything your hair needs.

Thanks to those of you who stopped by, even just to take a peek!

A hug,