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The Queen A - Let me introduce myself

Hello everyone and welcome back

I decided to inaugurate this blog by introducing myself and telling you how I came to open this shop.

I am Angela Haisha Adamou, Italian-Ghanaian from Correggio, a small town in the heart of beautiful Emilia.

Graduated in Law, I have been dealing with online Communication and Marketing for five years now and I aspire to combine my passion for the digital media sector and legal studies by specializing in the field of cyber law (internet law).

I am the founder of the NaturAngi brand, whose journey began between the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014.

This reality was immediately characterized as a means of narrating the dignity and value of Afro Beauty, of hair in particular.

Back to natural

Like many Afro-descendant girls of my generation, as a child I was subjected to the use of chemical straightening creams, because the dominant theory was that our hair was unmanageable, uncombable, subject to constant breakage and incapable of growing.

At a certain point, however, seeing more and more images of African American, French and English girls with their natural Afro hair online, I started to ask myself: "But is it possible that there isn't another way?" – “How come they manage to proudly show off their hair, while we Italian AfroRicciole let it “breathe” barely four weeks a year?” – “Why do they manage to take care of their hair and see it as a source of pride, while we see it as a flaw?”.

Very intrigued and with a great desire to solve this real problem, in October 2013 I started browsing the sites of various bloggers from overseas who had long since rediscovered the beauty of the naturalness of their hair, to understand HOW they had managed to do it. undertaking and in the end, after about three months of research, I made THE DECISION: to definitively abandon straightening treatments, which I had been applying much more rarely for a few years already, and go to Natural.

In January 2014, driven by the satisfaction that my hair already gave me and the amazement at the simplicity that its care required compared to expectations, I thought of sharing my personal experience by reporting techniques, discoveries, successes and failures (well yes, we need to share those too) hoping to be of help to those who wanted to undertake this path and to create an interaction with the other Natural "adventurers" of Italy.

This is how the blog www.naturangi.it was born, whose main objective is to send an important message: "Look girls, I was messed up too, unable to manage my hair, disheartened... But now the music has changed! I have learned to take care of them without going crazy and show them off with pride and a sense of complete freedom, and if I can do it you can do it too, even better!”.
A great satisfaction came in November 2015 when NaturAngi was awarded at the AFRICA ITALY EXCELLENCE AWARDS as the best information point on afro hair care in Italy (BEST NAPPY INFO POINT IN ITALY).

In June 2017 I published the book Love is in the Hair , the first guide in Italian on the care of curly and afro hair, followed a year later by the English version. I have one in French in the pipeline.

After a short time I felt the need to create a reality complementary to Blog and Book that was able to give a practical and material response to the many theoretical information I had provided up to that point.

Black owned business

In November 2019 I therefore launched NaturAngi Headwear , my line of Curly Hair Friendly accessories, handmade and made in Italy , made of satin and other fabrics selected and designed to give daily support in the care of curly and afro hair.

Since I needed a tailor-made "home" to host this new project of mine, I opened this online shop, which I like to define as a Petite Boutique.

Headwear accessories for curly and afro-curly hair by NaturAngi

All in a limited edition , the models are handmade in fabrics and materials that respect the hair and keep away the "rubbing" pitfalls it fights with daily: frizz, dehydration, split ends, knots, breakage, dryness.

Production takes place with a SUSTAINABLE and NO WASTE perspective: I prefer natural and/or recyclable fabrics and the use of each fabric is maximized, also through the recovery and reuse of processing waste.

Natural cosmetics for curly and afro-curly hair by NaturAngi Exactly one year after the release of the Headwear collection it was the turn of CapRicci Beauty Roots , my first line of 100% natural cosmetics created to make the beauty routine a journey through the roots of beauty.

The QueeNA Shop is becoming what I always dreamed of building to provide everything curly and afro hair needs.

Curly & Afro hair care expert

The continuous study of the behavioral dynamics of curly and afro-curly hair and the increasingly varied and specific practical experiences have allowed me to acquire and expand the skills necessary to provide CONSULTATIONS to those who have curly hair and want to educate themselves on the correct approach to their care.

I also followed the development of some cosmetic lines dedicated to curly afro hair.

The moments of my business that I love most are those in which I take care of my clients and hold courses and workshops because they allow me to fully implement the mission of my brand: educating on the correct approach to caring for curly Afro hair and (re)enabling the image of the Afro woman as a precious ambassador of a concept of Beauty that must be increasingly inclusive and in which today's girls (but also those of yesterday and tomorrow) can see themselves.

I'm working on creating a dedicated "physical" space and will update you soon!

I consider narration a very important tool for representing ways of being that are little taken into consideration by the dominant and majority conception and action.

It is essential that the new generations can feel like actors in a process of cultural revolution that also involves the ability to describe themselves as bearers of aesthetic diversity and uniqueness and I think that hair has a lot to say and tell.

The Queen A

At this point you will ask yourself: but why the name La Queen A?

It came from what my partner calls me: Queen. From Queen it went to Queena, I don't know if the A stood for Angela, but I liked the idea and I created the nickname La Queen A, which then evolved into QueeNA where NA stands for NaturAngi. So: The Queen NaturAngi ;)

Once the mystery has been revealed, the journey continues and if you want to accompany me I will be really happy.

A hug,


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